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Five Projects for Your Asphalt Paving Contractor in Saratoga Springs, NY

September 24, 2018 5:42 pm Published by

Homeowners and property managers across the nation know that asphalt is the number one choice when it comes to paving material. It’s durable and much easier to fix than concrete, making it incredibly cost-effective. Asphalt is also really versatile—you can use it in a wide variety of locations in both residential properties and businesses. Keep reading to learn a few of the most popular places a paving contractor in Saratoga Springs, NY lays asphalt: Driveway: Assuming it’s in front of your home, your driveway is one of the first things people see when they drive past your house. For that... View Article

Four Things You Might Not Know About Asphalt Paving in Saratoga Springs, NY

September 7, 2018 8:18 pm Published by

No matter where you live or what you do for a living, it’s likely that you come into contact with asphalt on a daily basis. The vast majority of the roadways and paved surfaces in the United States are paved with asphalt, including highways, driveways and parking lots. For as often as you encounter asphalt pavement in your daily life, you might not know a whole lot about asphalt itself. It may not seem like the most glamorous subject, but there are several things about asphalt and asphalt paving in Saratoga Springs, NY that might interest you: Most asphalt is... View Article

Asphalt vs. Concrete: Factors to Consider Before You Call a Paving Company in Saratoga Springs, NY

August 24, 2018 8:18 pm Published by

Paving your driveway is a fantastic way to improve the accessibility and appearance of your property, but it’s also a big investment. You’re probably going to spend a sizable amount when working with a paving company in Saratoga Springs, NY, so it’s important to do plenty of research about your different options so that you are happy with the finished result. For most residential and commercial driveways and parking lots, the two primary options you have to choose from are asphalt and concrete. Both choices offer certain benefits and downsides, so it’s a good idea to weigh them carefully: Longevity:... View Article

Six Tips to Protect Your Blacktop Driveway from the Summer Heat

August 8, 2018 9:09 pm Published by

It’s important to take care of your home’s driveway, especially during the hot summer months. Below are six tips from an asphalt contractor in Saratoga Springs, NY to help you protect your blacktop driveway from the summer heat: Repair cracks, holes and more: Summer is a really good time to repair any cracks, holes, gouges and other damage that have befallen your asphalt driveway. The nice weather means more sprinkler use, hand watering delicate landscaping, washing cars and spraying off the driveway. If repairs are not made to your driveway, water from irrigation can seep through these openings in its... View Article

Why Summer Is the Best Time for Asphalt Paving in Saratoga Springs, NY

July 25, 2018 9:09 pm Published by

Are you ready to start that asphalt paving project you’ve been putting off? Do it when temperatures are up! The summer months offer prime benefits, from extended daylight hours to better weather for curing. Here’s a closer look at some reasons why summer is the best time for asphalt paving in Saratoga Springs, NY: Heat and sun: We don’t always welcome the hot summer temperatures, but sometimes that’s exactly what’s needed. As strange as it might sound, the heat from the sun is actually good for new asphalt paving projects. Once the asphalt is laid and smoothed down, it needs... View Article