Summer 2022 Paving Preview

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – paving season! We are now paving parking lots, driveways, roadways and more throughout Saratoga Springs and the surrounding areas. Summer is almost here which means we will really be kicking into high gear. What makes summer such a great time for paving? The warm, sunny weather!… Read more »


Recent Kind Words from Our Paving Customers

The 2022 asphalt paving season is in full swing! We are staying busy (but not too busy to give you a free estimate for your paving project!) paving driveways, parking lots, private roads and more. We love this time of year and we love receiving positive feedback from our amazing customers. Here is what people… Read more »

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Can You Pave a Driveway in the Spring?

With winter finally behind us you may be thinking about those outside projects at your house or business. Perhaps you are wondering if you can get that driveway paving project completed this spring. The answer is absolutely yes! Spring is a great time to get your paving project done. As long as the temperature outside… Read more »


What to Expect from a Driveway Paving Quote

Are you considering paving a new driveway this year? Or maybe re-paving an old driveway? Congratulations, this is an exciting time for you and your home! Today we are going to give you a quick overview of how to get started with driveway paving. The first step is to give us a call at 518-584-4340… Read more »

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Residential Asphalt Paving in 2022

The 2022 paving season is upon us! Did you know we specialize in residential asphalt paving? If you are planning to build a new home or improve your current home this year, we would love the opportunity to learn about your goals and discuss how we can help you. Some of our residential asphalt paving… Read more »

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Behind the Scenes at Asphalt Industries

Have you ever wondered what life is like at a residential asphalt paving and commercial asphalt paving company? We love it and we are happy to give you an inside look at what we do! In this video, we are resurfacing a parking lot: In this video, we are paving a new road in a… Read more »

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Commercial Asphalt Paving in 2022

The 2022 paving season is about to begin…our favorite time of year! Did you know we specialize in commercial asphalt paving? If your business or municipality has paving projects in your 2022 plans, we would love the opportunity to learn about your projects and discuss how we can help you. Some of our commercial asphalt… Read more »

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Spring Checklist for Paved Driveways and Parking Lots

Spring officially begins on Sunday, March 20th this year! Winter can be particularly harsh on paved areas. As the snow melts away and the temperatures rise, it’s a good idea to evaluate your paved driveway or paved parking lot. Consider this Spring Checklist: Visually inspect the pavement for damage such as cracks and potholes, and… Read more »

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Thankful for You

As we celebrate the season of thanks this month, we would like to pause to express how thankful we are for you, our awesome customers! Every residential paving and commercial paving project means so much to us, and our local family business is very appreciative that you have chosen Asphalt Industries for your paving project…. Read more »


The Importance of Proper Drainage

When it comes to the success of a paved area, proper drainage is critical. Without proper drainage, water issues such as ponding and erosion can develop. With our expertise, we are able to address drainage issues both before and after they have occurred. When assessing a drainage issue, we start by identifying the exact cause…. Read more »