Asphalt Reclaiming

Environmentally & Cost-Effective

If your parking lot or roadway is in bad shape, it’s likely a good candidate for asphalt reclaiming. This process is affordable and produces great results for businesses in Saratoga Springs, NY that want more bang for their buck and a long-lasting, durable resurfacing solution. Asphalt Industries, LLC has the equipment and know-how to tackle your asphalt pulverizing project and we’ll leave you with a brand-new surface that’s world’s better than the one you had before.

The Reclaiming/Pulverizing Process

Asphalt reclaiming is a relatively simple process, wherein the damaged asphalt is literally pulverized down into the sub-base. As it’s turned to dust and mixed with the sub-base, it forms the new base for asphalt repaving. It’s graded, compacted and paved over, for a fresh, new surface that’s as good or better than the original!

The process takes considerably less time than ripping up the asphalt and removing it. It’s also very efficient and can be accomplished by a small crew. We’ve completed asphalt reclaiming projects for businesses throughout Saratoga Springs, NY and can make quick work of everything from private drives to parking lots.

Why Choose Asphalt Reclaiming?

Working with an asphalt reclaiming contractor affords you all kinds of benefits. Here’s a look at why many of our customers choose asphalt reclaiming over demolition, removal and new paving:

  • The process is cost-efficient, saving you money on your asphalt investment
  • Pulverizing asphalt is environmentally-friendly and sustainable
  • This method of repaving is faster than other paving options