Is It Okay to Pave a Driveway in the Fall?


Summer is synonymous with freshly paved driveways, parking lots and roads. But what if you find yourself in need of asphalt paving as summer comes to an end? No problem! We can pave your driveway in the fall, too!

Fall is a great time to complete your paving project. As long as the temperature outside is at least 50 degrees, we are clear to pave (if the conditions are right we can sometimes pave when it is 40 degrees). The asphalt plants are operating and we are still paving driveways, parking lots and roads throughout the Capital District.

We offer residential asphalt paving and commercial asphalt paving from spring through fall. But don’t wait too long because when the cold of winter arrives we will be done until next spring. So if you have any paving needs that you would like to cross off your to-do list in 2022, let’s get started!

To discuss your residential paving or commercial paving project, please call 518-584-4340 or fill out the form on our contact page. We will provide a free estimate and answer all of your questions.