5 Signs Your Driveway Needs New Asphalt

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Driveways don’t last forever. It’s the simple truth. Although asphalt driveways are extremely durable and can last for decades, eventually all of that vehicle traffic and Northeast weather will take its toll and it will be time for new asphalt.

What are common signs that your driveway needs some TLC?

  1. Cracks
  2. Potholes
  3. Crags
  4. Crumbling
  5. Uneven Surface

The good news is this doesn’t mean you have to rip it all out and start over. Asphalt reclaiming is a great option for existing driveways. Asphalt reclaiming involves pulverizing the damaged asphalt down into the sub-base, grading it, compacting it, and finally paving over it. This is cost-effective and gives you an excellent new asphalt surface.

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