Can You Pave a Driveway in the Fall?

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When you think of asphalt paving, you probably think of spring and summer. While the warmer months are typically the most popular times for residential and commercial paving projects, that doesn’t mean they are the only months you can pave in.

Fall is still a good time to get your paving project done. As long as the temperature outside is at least 50 degrees, it’s safe to pave (if the conditions are right we can sometimes even work with 40 degrees). The asphalt plants are still running in the fall and we are still paving driveways, parking lots and roads before the season is over.

Once the cold of winter rolls around, your window for paving will be closed. When it is too cold outside, the finished surface will not be smooth enough, the joints may not come together properly, and compaction may suffer. So if you have a paving project that you would like to get done this year, now is the time!

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