What is Asphalt Reclaiming?


Have you heard of asphalt reclaiming? Asphalt reclaiming is an affordable way to turn deteriorating asphalt into a nice new surface.

When to Consider Asphalt Reclaiming

If your asphalt parking lot or asphalt road is in rough shape, it might be a great candidate for asphalt reclaiming. Rather than ripping it up and hauling it out, your old asphalt can be put to use and you can save money.

What is Involved with Asphalt Reclaiming

First the old asphalt is pulverized into the sub-base to create a new base. Then it is graded and compacted. Finally, it is paved over with new asphalt creating a brand new surface.

What are the Benefits of Asphalt Reclaiming

Asphalt reclaiming is cost efficient, time efficient, environmentally-friendly and sustainable.

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