Here’s Why Summer Is the Best Season for Asphalt Paving

The summer months are the busiest time for paving contractors across the country—and that’s not just because employees like to work outside when it’s warm out compared to the colder months! Summer is the best time for asphalt paving for a variety of reasons. Continue reading to learn why our team stays so busy this time of year.

Longer setting times

While it’s inconvenient for drivers on the road or folks looking to park, asphalt contractors need to use hand tools and heavy-duty machinery to work the asphalt once it’s poured. In the summer months, asphalt takes longer to set, meaning employees have more time to ensure the surface is nice and even. We only have about half the amount of time to smooth the asphalt in the cold months; unfortunately, that can mean a bumpy surface.

Greater stability

Asphalt that’s laid in the summer is also less likely to develop cracks or potholes than asphalt poured in the winter months. This is because the warmer road temperature allows for a pour with uniform thickness and a smooth surface.

When the asphalt is smooth and even, there’s a lower chance of air bubbles forming. Air bubbles are one of the leading reasons behind water getting under the surface, freezing, thawing and causing cracks.

Easier to sealcoat

Sealcoating is the best way to protect asphalt from the elements and preserve its appearance. Unfortunately, this work can only be performed when the temperature is over 50°F and when the ground has been dry for at least one day. Those conditions are much easier to meet in the summer months than other times throughout the year.

Faster sealcoat drying time

Because it’s so effective in protecting the surface, asphalt paving crews always sealcoat fresh asphalt after it’s been laid. Unfortunately, our customers have to wait until the sealcoat has absorbed into the surface to walk or drive on the fresh asphalt. That’s not as much of an issue in the summer because sealcoat dries in about half the time as it does in the winter.

More daylight

We can often use steamrollers or other heavy-duty machines to smooth out the asphalt we’ve laid, but that’s not always the case, and we may have to smooth the surface by hand. That can take a long time, which is tough to accomplish by sunset in the winter months.

Because we have so much more daylight in the summer, we don’t need to rush through our jobs before the sun goes down.

Better weather

Finally, the weather is just nicer in the summertime. We don’t have to worry about snowstorms or the ground freezing up, which can both delay operations for days at a time. Besides extreme temperatures, the only thing we’re concerned about is rain in the summer.

Now’s the time to call Asphalt Industries, LLC

With summer weather in full swing, now is the perfect time to hire our crew for asphalt paving. Whether you need us to pave a large commercial parking lot, fix a pothole or reseal your driveway, call us today to get a free estimate for our services.