The Differences Between Summer Asphalt and Winter Asphalt

To most people, asphalt is asphalt. Every road or blacktop driveway looks essentially the same—it’s just a black substance made from rocks and tar. However, the professionals who work at an asphalt paving company know there’s a little more to it than that!

You may be surprised to learn there are a few different types of asphalt, and they can generally be sorted into two categories: summer and winter asphalt. Continue reading to learn a little bit more about the different types of asphalt, why the distinction matters and what our team can do for you.

Summer asphalt

As the name suggests, summer asphalt is used in the warmer months from April through December. Here’s a little bit more about the type of asphalt we use this time of year:

  • Hot asphalt: We use hot asphalt for the big jobs, like paving large parking lots and streets. Hot mix must be kept at a temperature of 300°F and can only be applied when the ground is warm and dry. Cold temperatures cause the mix to cool too quickly and become brittle.
  • Hot boxes: All is not lost if hot mix asphalt cools too quickly. We can reheat the asphalt on the scene with a machine called a hot box that brings the freshly laid asphalt back to the necessary temperature using diesel or propane fuel.

Winter asphalt

When the temperatures drop, asphalt contractors can no longer use summer asphalt. These are our options from January to March:

  • MC cold mix: Winter asphalt work is mainly reserved for patch jobs because the asphalt takes longer to cure on cold surfaces. We typically use MC cold mix asphalt for these temporary repairs. While it can’t be used on roads or busy parking lots, it’s good for driveways or low-traffic areas.
  • UPM: UPM asphalt is reserved for permanent patching in the winter. While this type of asphalt is typically thought of as a winter asphalt mix, it can be used throughout the year for both big and small jobs.

Why choose Asphalt Industries, LLC?

You have a lot of options when you need to hire an asphalt paving company. Here are a few reasons to choose Asphalt Industries, LLC:

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