When’s the Latest Time of Year You Can Complete a Paving Project?

Many people don’t realize it, but the weather conditions have to be just right for contractors to lay asphalt. Trying to lay asphalt when it’s too cold or damp outside makes the job much more difficult, if not impossible, to complete.

The ideal weather for asphalt work is a sunny and dry 68-degree day, which is why contractors prefer working in the summer, spring and fall. Keep reading to learn more about the effects of cold on asphalt in Saratoga Springs, NY and the latest time of year asphalt can be laid:

  • Asphalt temperature: In order for it to compact and set properly, asphalt must remain at a temperature between 175 and 275 degrees while it’s being installed. Colder air and ground temperatures in the late fall and winter can affect the asphalt’s internal temperature, leading to instability.
  • Time: Asphalt contractors have between 16 and 45 minutes to compact hot asphalt, but the colder the outdoor temperature, the faster they have to work. The more time that hot asphalt sits without being compacted, the greater the chance of structural problems. This typically isn’t an issue in the spring and summer, but in the winter, unprepared crews can have trouble finishing the job.
  • Transportation: It’d be nice if we could keep asphalt at the ideal internal temperature during transportation, but that’s not possible. When the air temperature is too cold, the asphalt’s internal temperature may drop below a usable level on its way to the job site. When that happens, it’s a significant waste of your contractor’s time.

Can asphalt be paved in the winter?

The coldest temperature for asphalt paving in Saratoga Springs, NY doesn’t matter as much as the ground conditions. If asphalt absolutely must be laid when it’s cold out, the ground can’t be frozen and there can’t be any snow on the ground. Trying to lay asphalt on frozen or wet ground will result in cracks and a crumbling sublayer.

As long as the ground is dry and warm enough, your asphalt contractor can work in the winter. However, the crew will just have to be efficient and keep their eyes on the clock.

Who you hire makes a difference

A responsible contractor knows the coldest temperature for asphalt paving in Saratoga Springs, NY and the proper conditions for working with asphalt. Although they won’t try to go up against Mother Nature when they don’t stand a chance of winning, experienced pros will know how to go about working in colder temperatures. Reputable companies have all of the right equipment to get the job done fast, as well as qualified crew members who know how to work in the cold.

Now is the time to call for paving

We’re a little past the typical deadline for asphalt paving, but that doesn’t mean the job can’t be accomplished. If you work with Asphalt Industries, LLC, we may be able to mitigate the effects of cold on asphalt in Saratoga Springs, NY with our paving expertise. Give us a call right away to see what we can do for you and your asphalt surface.