Follow These Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Your Asphalt Pavement

Whether you have a long driveway at your home or you own a commercial building with a parking lot, the asphalt pavement used for these surfaces needs to be properly maintained. The best asphalt contractors in Saratoga Springs, NY know that ongoing care of your asphalt pavement will expand its lifespan while maintaining a pristine image for your residential, industrial or commercial property that improves curb appeal and makes it easy for people to access your building.

Protect against water damage

One of the most common projects asphalt contractors work on is repairing water damage, which is easily preventable if you take the necessary steps. You’d be surprised how much damage water can cause, especially if you aren’t taking preventative maintenance steps. You don’t want water seeping underneath or through your pavement. As water freezes and thaws, it causes damage to the asphalt that can ultimately make it unsafe for vehicles.

The best way to prevent water damage is to provide proper drainage. If your parking lot, driveway or other paved area is not draining correctly, you’ll want to get in touch with one of the best asphalt contractors in Saratoga Springs, NY to develop and build a solution that addresses this issue.

Regular cleaning

Automobiles covered in oil, dirt, debris and a number of other substances drive over and park on your asphalt pavement. Every time a car or truck rolls onto your pavement, they are depositing unwanted particulates that can cause cracks, potholes and other problems. That’s why you need to clean your asphalt every month or so.

Most importantly, fuel or oil stains should be treated with degreasing agents as soon as possible. These liquids wreak havoc on your asphalt and will deteriorate it quickly. For everything else, a hose, a large broom and an hour or two of elbow grease is all it takes to clean your asphalt pavement.

Address issues sooner rather than later

Cracks, potholes and other problems with your asphalt pavement are bound to occur as time marches on. When you notice damage to your asphalt, contact a contractor sooner rather than later. The days, weeks or months that you wait to call a professional asphalt expert about issues with your pavement will only make these problems worse and more expensive for you to repair.

Apply sealcoating

This is the time to invest in sealcoating for your asphalt pavement. This layer of protection keeps out damaging UV rays, vehicle fluids and water. Every three to five years, you’ll want to reapply sealcoating to fill cracks and continue protecting your driveway or parking lot.

Replace asphalt

Eventually, you’ll have to replace the asphalt that was originally laid down. Years of exposure to the elements will wear through sealcoating and the asphalt itself. Even the best-maintained piece of pavement will have to be replaced at some point.

Whether the time has come for new sealcoating or to replace your pavement entirely, you want to hire one of the best asphalt contractors in Saratoga Springs, NY. For two decades, Asphalt Industries, LLC has been the go-to for paving projects throughout the community. Contact us today for a free quote for your next paving project.