The Essential Tools for Asphalt Maintenance

Is your patio showing signs of age? Is your driveway looking more cracked than complete? It may be time to think about repairs. Before you dive in and try to do everything yourself, though, you’ll want an understanding of what you’ll require in terms of essential asphalt maintenance tools in Saratoga Springs, NY. The process may turn out to be a bit more than you bargained for.

The tamper

Though it may look rather simple, like a square metal plate attached to a broom handle, the tamper is indispensable for minor and major asphalt work alike. Tampers come in eight-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch varieties and are used to smooth out asphalt once it has been laid down.

An industrial broom

This isn’t your traditional kitchen broom. The industrial-strength bad boys are ideal for cleaning up after a big job. Thanks to their heavy-duty bristles, industrial brooms can pick up even the heaviest dirt and debris left behind.

A rhino brush

You’d be forgiven if a rhino brush immediately reminded you of a big toothbrush with metal bristles. This handy device is used to clear out debris and vegetation from cracks in concrete. It is also commonly used to edge driveways or lots before repaving.

The other end of the rhino brush is a gouging tool that’s great for getting rid of the dirt that the brush can’t hit.

The V-squeegee

A V-squeegee is a specialized squeegee with a V-shaped head. The head of a V-squeegee is fitted with a heat resistant material that’s used to spread crack filler.

The seal coating brush or squeegee

Depending on the size of the area you’re covering, you’ll need a seal coating brush or squeegee. While both are designed to smooth out freshly-laid asphalt, the seal coating brush leaves a subtle texture behind while the squeegee flattens the asphalt completely.

Drill-operated mixer

No matter where you’re getting your sealant from, a drill-operated mixer is one of the most important asphalt maintenance tools in Saratoga Springs, NY. Whether you’re making your own sealant or you’re picking some up, you’ll need a drill-operated mixer to stir your sealant before applying it.

Tar remover

No matter how experienced the pro, mistakes are bound to happen, and the tar or asphalt will need to be removed quickly and efficiently. So, you’re going to want to have some liquid tar remover on hand to make sure spills don’t turn into major accidents.

Go with the pros who know

You could go out and purchase all the asphalt maintenance tools in Saratoga Springs, NY that you need, or you could call on the pros at Asphalt Industries, LLC and trust that your asphalt woes will be handled with excellent knowledge and care.

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