How an Asphalt Driveway Can Add Value to Your Home

There are a wide variety of reasons why asphalt paving is a beneficial improvement for you to make to your property. It can be an environmentally friendly means of paving your driveway or walkways, as a lot of asphalt has either been recycled previously or can be recycled in the future. It can also help to lower surface temperatures at night, thanks to the porous nature of the pavement. Asphalt plants also have low emissions rates compared to other similar types of plants, meaning supporting them gives more business to more sustainable manufacturing.

There’s also the smooth nature of asphalt itself. Beyond being pleasing to the eye, it can also be more comfortable for children who like to play outdoors. It’s a smoother surface than concrete, and has a bit more give and flexibility to it, which makes it better for playing basketball, hopscotch or any number of other games your kids might play on paved surfaces.

But there are also a variety of ways in which adding an asphalt driveway to your home can increase its value. Here’s a look at some of these value-adding benefits of residential asphalt driveways in Saratoga Springs, NY:

  • Increased curb appeal: Asphalt paved driveways have a very polished appearance that can be quite attractive. A driveway that is in disrepair can make even a very nice-looking house suddenly appear cheap or poorly taken care of. Adding asphalt paving to your driveway can help you make a better impression on people looking at your property and improve its curb appeal, thus raising the value of your home.
  • Cost: You always need to think about the cost associated with any improvement you make to your home, and there’s no doubt that asphalt gives you an excellent return on your relatively small investment. It will last you two or three decades while costing you around 40 percent less than what you’d have to pay for concrete paving, which makes it a clear choice for people trying to save money while improving the value of their home. It simply does not make any sense to pay more for your driveway when you can still get a durable and better-looking option for less.
  • Neighborhood: The value of your home will be largely based on the value of other homes around your neighborhood. However, you can help to overcome some of the issues dragging neighborhood values down by making your house stand out (in a good way) with asphalt paving, which provides extra value (both financial and aesthetic) to your home.

These are just a few of the ways in which adding an asphalt driveway to your home can increase your property’s overall value. For more information about our asphalt driveway paving services and why residential asphalt driveways in Saratoga Springs, NY are such a great investment for homeowners, we encourage you to contact Asphalt Industries, LLC today. We’d be glad to walk you through your options and give you a sense of how much a paving project on your property might cost.