Understanding the Importance of Excavation Site Prep in Saratoga Springs, NY

Anytime you’re taking on a brand-new construction project of any type, it’s necessary to perform the proper site preparation work before you actually begin construction. This helps you to ensure the land and your project will comply with all of the building codes in your local area. If you fail to contract a team of qualified professionals to take on your excavation site prep in Saratoga Springs, NY, you run into a much greater chance of issues such as delays, errors and other major problems with the project.

Here’s some information about why excavation site preparation is so important to the quality and success of any project you take on.

What you should know about excavation site prep

There are a variety of tasks associated with site prep and development that must be completed by an experienced site prep professional before the actual construction work can begin. This is done in large part to help mitigate some of the complicating factors that could be present at the site, such as varying types of soil and rock, some natural obstacles to deal with (such as trees, roots and bedrock) and some uneven surfaces that need to be properly graded. The entire process of site prep is designed to eliminate or work around these obstacles to the fullest extent to ensure the site is ready and safe for construction work.

You will want to choose a contractor to handle the preparation work at your site. This may or may not be the same contractor you work with for construction, but generally there are companies that specialize in site excavation and prep work that can offer you the services you need. These services can include removal of unwanted rocks, trees and debris, grading the land to make it even (or to the grade you desire you want for your project) and testing the soil to determine how suitable it is for use as a foundation. Prep teams might also put down several layers of rock on the existing ground to ensure a properly graded, flat surface for construction that is also safe to use as a foundation.

In some cases, grading work is done not necessarily to make the ground even, but to reshape the terrain for proper drainage. If the ground is not graded properly, there’s a chance that sedimentation and soil erosion can happen, which could also result in some problems with the foundation.

Finally, site prep isn’t limited to excavation and grading. It can also involve staking or painting out markers for construction teams before they arrive so they know the boundaries they’re working with and can more efficiently begin their work on the project.

For more information about everything that’s involved with excavation site prep in Saratoga Springs, NY and the benefits of performing this work in advance of a construction project, we encourage you to contact the team of excavation contractors at Asphalt Industries, LLC today. We’d be glad to answer any questions you have about our services!