The Benefits of Recycling Asphalt

You may not be aware that asphalt is not only an economical and durable choice for your lot, but it’s also environmentally friendly. In fact, asphalt is America’s most recycled material. About 100 million tons of asphalt are reclaimed each year, and about 95 percent of that is reused, which saves money and benefits the environment. If your asphalt road, lot or driveway is nearing the end of its life and you’re in the market for a commercial paver in Saratoga Springs, NY, consider recycling your old asphalt to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Retains value: Asphalt can be recycled more than once. In fact, it can be recycled and reused multiple times, which means that using recycled asphalt does not reduce the value of the materials or the road.
  • Reduces oil consumption: Oil is used for all kinds of construction processes, including the creation of asphalt. Recycling and reusing old asphalt reduces the amount of new oil needed for construction, which can also reduce the dependence on foreign oil.
  • Saves money for taxpayers: Reusing old asphalt also saves money on producing and purchasing new materials and constructing new asphalt. Much of this money comes from taxpayers, who will be pleased to know they’re saving money when your project employs recycled asphalt.
  • Saves on construction waste: In addition to oil, there is a lot of waste that is produced during the construction process, which is then sent to a landfill. Recycling and reusing asphalt reduces this waste as well.
  • Conserves natural resources: Mineral particles are produced during the process of making asphalt, which uses a number of natural resources. Recycling old asphalt helps conserve the natural resources that are consumed during this process.
  • Better quality: You may be surprised to learn that recycled asphalt is actually better in many ways than new asphalt. It delivers a stronger resistance to cracking because there are more mineral fillers and organic fibers that are used in the recycled materials. Plus, it reduces demand for new asphalt pavement, reduces the demand on aggregate, improves the HMA mixes, has an improved stiffness and less susceptibility to cracking and rutting and reduces the need for new, virgin asphalt from an asphalt paving company in Saratoga Springs, NY.
  • Saves money for contractors: Reusing old asphalt saves money for asphalt contractors because it reduces material costs as well as the energy costs necessary for creating and transporting new asphalt.

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