Heat Damage and Your Asphalt

A new, smooth and even asphalt driveway is a satisfying sight. Asphalt has many benefits, and many people choose asphalt for their driveways, lots and other paved surfaces. When it’s well maintained, it can last a long time, and is an economical choice for commercial paving in Saratoga Springs, NY. Learning about how to care for your asphalt can help keep your pavement looking great for many years, so you can avoid costly repairs and having to hire an asphalt paving company in Saratoga Springs, NY to repave your surface. Read on to learn about the sun’s impact on your asphalt.

Asphalt absorbs heat

Walking through a parking lot on a hot summer day can feel like you’re walking across a frying pan. That’s because asphalt absorbs heat, which makes the surrounding temperatures feel even hotter than they would, for example, in a park under a tree. Asphalt, though built to withstand high temperatures, can eventually be damaged by extreme heat. The best laid asphalt from a professional asphalt paving company in Saratoga Springs, NY will reflect the sun’s rays as much as possible, which limits its heat absorption, and can limit damage caused by absorbing too much heat.

Heat damage

Overheated asphalt can develop cracks over time. Cracks can then turn into even bigger problems if left alone and not repaved or repaired. Water can seep into the sub-surface layer and begin to erode the pavement. If this water then freezes—which is likely to happen in colder climates in the winter—the cracks then expand, creating larger cracks that could even develop into potholes. Cracked and crumbling asphalt deteriorates quickly, as heavy cars and other machines pass over the weakened surface and cause it to cave in on itself. If the pavement is on a slope or steep grade, this problem could even be hastened. Rain can wash away pieces of liquid or crumbling asphalt, creating quicker erosion and decay.

Proper asphalt maintenance

Taking care of your commercial paving in Saratoga Springs, NY or other asphalt surface can help maintain your lot or driveway before erosion begins. You should regularly seal any cracks. You can do it yourself or contact an asphalt paving company in Saratoga Springs, NY to repair your surface. By sealing any cracks when they first begin appearing, you’ll prevent problems before they get much worse. You can’t completely stave off heat damage, but you can certainly minimize the damage it causes over the long term.

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