Why Surface Grading Is Important for Your New Build

When you’re building a new home, you’re probably excited to see the project get started and quickly moving. However, sometimes it can seem like laying the foundation can take forever to even begin. Before construction begins, the property has to be prepared for the project. Your asphalt contractor in Saratoga Springs, NY has to perform surface grading before any other construction has begun. Read on to learn more about surface grading and why it’s the important first step of your project.

What is surface grading?

Surface grading is a process that prepares your site for the construction project, and helps shape the site to fit the project that will be built. Your asphalt contractor in Saratoga Springs, NY will level the ground that your home or project will be built upon. Conversely, they can also create a slope for the project if necessary. The process will also ensure that the lot is formed to adhere to local ordinances and guidelines. Concrete is poured into holes, which operate as a connection between the ground and foundation, resulting in a smooth, sturdy work surface.

The importance of surface grading

The leveling of the surface is important for building a sturdy foundation, which will make or break the final project. In addition to offering stability and longevity, surface grading helps prepare the surface in other ways, such as accommodating water runoff. Surface grading can include directing surface water away from the build and in the direction of water runoff for the surrounding areas. If this part of the process isn’t completed, not only will your build not be up to code, but you could have pooling water build up and leak into your home. It can also damage the foundation, resulting in even more problems.

How long will the process take?

Surface grading depends on a number of factors, as well as your particular asphalt contractor in Saratoga Springs, NY. Weather can also be a factor, as concrete needs dry weather to be fully poured and cured. Grading often happens from June through September, through the hot, dry months of the year, after spring rains and before freezing winter temperatures.

Unexpected delays do happen. There can be additional challenges that weren’t considered ahead of time. Construction equipment can break down, weather can be unpredictable and grading touchups may be necessary after the initial grading is finished. Plus, the rough grading could potentially fail inspection due to issues such as a lack of proper rainwater leaders or improper window well depth. Once approved, the final grading is completed. This involves spreading topsoil and compacting it to prepare for sod, liners and other features. The foundation is essential to the success of the build, so it can’t be rushed!

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