What You Need to Know About Asphalt Paving, Asphalt Milling and Asphalt Reclaiming in Saratoga Springs, NY

Building owners and property managers have a lot of tasks and responsibilities on their plate. To keep buildings and facilities in good working order, it’s necessary to invest in ongoing maintenance and improvements for your property.

If your current parking lot is in disrepair or you are building a brand-new lot on your property, it’s important to find out more about asphalt paving, asphalt milling and asphalt reclaiming in Saratoga Springs, NY. Getting the scoop on these processes will help you determine whether asphalt pavement is the right option for your needs.

The Basics of Asphalt

Asphalt pavement is made up of a mixture of asphalt cements and other aggregates, including sand, stone and gravel. To apply asphalt, the mixture has to be heated so it can be laid down as a liquid. As it cools, it hardens to create a strong, durable surface that can withstand significant weight and decades of exposure to the elements.

Asphalt is one of the most recycled materials in the world and can be salvaged for use again and again. Through asphalt milling and asphalt reclaiming in Saratoga Springs, NY, a contractor can remove old asphalt, process it, melt it down and apply it to a new surface.

Benefits of Asphalt Pavement

There are several important benefits of asphalt pavement for businesses. Take a look at a few of the reasons it’s such a popular material, even over concrete:

  • Safe: Asphalt can increase the safety of your parking lot. Asphalt pavement offers safety benefits including skid resistance, improved lot marking visibility and better traction in wet and rainy conditions. The safety of asphalt can give you greater peace of mind knowing that your employees and your customers are safer when they are using the parking lot at your place of business.
  • Smooth: Asphalt is designed to create a smooth driving surface that is easy on vehicles and promotes safe, effective handling for drivers.
  • Easy maintenance: Asphalt can save you time on installation and maintenance. Compared to other pavement options, asphalt is relatively easy to maintain. With occasional seal coating, you can rely on the integrity of your asphalt pavement for decades to come.
  • Cost-effective: As a property owner, you likely look for opportunities to cut your operational costs. Because of how durable and long-lasting asphalt pavement is, it can save you a lot of money in the long run over other pavement options that require ongoing maintenance and premature replacement. Asphalt can also improve the curb appeal of your business, which may have a positive impact on profitability.

Asphalt Milling and Asphalt Reclaiming

You can find out more about asphalt paving, asphalt milling and asphalt reclaiming in Saratoga Springs, NY by reaching out to the team at Asphalt Industries today. Since 2001, our team has been proud to provide high quality paving, excavation and drainage services to our customers. No matter what your specific needs are, our team has the tools and training necessary to help. To get started with a free consultation and quote, give us a call today.