Five Projects for Your Asphalt Paving Contractor in Saratoga Springs, NY

Homeowners and property managers across the nation know that asphalt is the number one choice when it comes to paving material. It’s durable and much easier to fix than concrete, making it incredibly cost-effective. Asphalt is also really versatile—you can use it in a wide variety of locations in both residential properties and businesses. Keep reading to learn a few of the most popular places a paving contractor in Saratoga Springs, NY lays asphalt:

  • Driveway: Assuming it’s in front of your home, your driveway is one of the first things people see when they drive past your house. For that reason, you want it to looks its best. Homeowners who care about curb appeal choose asphalt over any other driveway material. The rich black color of asphalt just simply can’t be beat. What’s more, asphalt cures much faster than concrete, so we can usually start and finish a driveway project in as little as a day.
  • RV and boat storage: Do you own a recreational vehicle or boat? If so, you know that finding a place to park it can be a little tricky. Street parking is a no-go, and most folks don’t have the luxury of having a separate garage to store those extra vehicles. That leaves you with one choice: parking it in your driveway. That can be a huge inconvenience. Boats and RVs take up a ton of space that could be used for your car. Instead of sacrificing that space in your driveway, hire us to lay down a separate asphalt parking pad. Your driveway will look much less cluttered and feel way more organized.
  • Walkway: A walkway leading from your driveway up to your front door creates a good first impression for anyone visiting your home, and keeps your shoes mud-free after those nasty, rainy days. You could opt for stone pavers for your walkway, but those get pricy after a while. Instead of spending an arm and a leg, choose asphalt. You’ll save a boatload of money that can be put towards other home improvement projects.
  • Parking lot: Asphalt is without a doubt the number one choice for commercial parking lots. It’s durable enough to handle the weight of many cars parking on it at once, and as long as it’s installed correctly, it can last for a really long time before needing to be resurfaced. In between resurfacings, we can make minor repairs that aren’t all that expensive.
  • Recreation: Finally, asphalt is a great choice for anyone interested in installing a basketball court, bike trails or even running tracks. Talk to your paving contractor about using asphalt that’s mixed with rubber to soften the impact on these recreational areas.

Whether you need a new driveway or are looking to resurface a whole parking lot, our pros at Asphalt Industries are your go-to choice for a paving contractor in Saratoga Springs, NY. Our crew is equipped to handle jobs both big and small, residential and commercial. Give us a call today to learn more about all of our services, or to get a quote.