Four Signs Your Commercial Lot Needs Paving

As a business owner, you know that appearance is everything. A shoddy-looking storefront will turn away customers faster than anything. A dirty or gross building can suggest that you’re not operating a reputable business, and obviously nobody wants to shop at a non-reputable store! For that reason, good business owners keep a tidy building and quickly make repairs when needed.

How is your parking lot looking these days? It’s not crazy to say that your parking lot is just as important as your building. After all, who wants to visit a store that has a parking lot that’s cracked and has tons of potholes? Check for the following signs that you need to call a service for commercial paving in Saratoga Springs, NY:

  • Your lot is cracking: The number one sign that you need to call us to repave your parking lot is if it’s cracked and developing potholes. Cracks form over time due to the fact that pavement expands and contracts with the changing weather. Cracks and potholes can be patched up by professionals fairly quickly, but after too long, those patches start to look bad and can be annoying for your customers. The solution to a lot of cracks or potholes in your lot is to have it completely repaved. Call us today to schedule a consultation!
  • Your lot is changing color: As your lot ages and is subjected to the elements, that beautiful black color begins to fade to a grayish-black hue. A faded lot doesn’t just look bad; it may be a symptom of water or sun damage. If your lot is looking more gray than black these days, you may want to give us a call. We’ll repave your lot to get it back to that onyx black color in no time at all!
  • Your lot is old: You may know that it’s time for commercial paving in Saratoga Springs, NY before you even take a look at your lot. Even though parking lots hold up for quite a while, they’re not immortal. Parking lots have a lifespan of about 12 years if they’re patched when necessary and taken care of properly. However, 12 years isn’t a set lifespan. Parking lots that see a lot of traffic—and hopefully, that’s the case for your lot—will need to be repaved sooner than lots that don’t have any visitors. Give us a call if your lot is getting up there in years!
  • You’ve had complaints from customers: They say the customer is always right. Whether or not that’s true is up for debate, but the fact remains that you should always listen to your customers when they have complaints. If folks shopping at your store say anything about cracks affecting their experience in your parking lot, it’s time to have it repaved.

If you’ve noticed any of the signs above, it’s time to give Asphalt Industries a call for commercial paving in Saratoga Springs, NY. We can repave your lot in no time at all to ensure your business looks as good as it can, and your customers are happy shopping at your store.