Is Your Driveway Cracking? Here’s Why

Residential and commercial driveways can typically last for around 15 to 20 years if maintained properly. While this is quite a long lifespan, the heavy use that most driveways receive ultimately causes a fair amount of wear and tear, which can eventually result in cracking.

Discover some of the factors that can contribute to cracks in your driveway and learn how you can fix them with asphalt paving in Saratoga Springs, NY:

  • Large amounts of weight: If any type of object (including a vehicle) that weighs more than 10,000 pounds enters your driveway, the result will likely be cracks in the asphalt. Down the line, melting snow and salt may seep down into these cracks.
  • Expanding tree roots: You might not give much thought to the tree growth that is occurring beneath your driveway, but a developing tree can indeed cause cracks to form in the surface of your driveway. Your driveway will be able to more easily withstand this type of damage if it is thicker or if a tree-root barrier is installed on each side of the driveway.
  • Harsh weather conditions: If you live in an area that experiences frequent snow or ice, once it melts, it will make its way into your asphalt. It will ultimately refreeze once the temperature dips, leading to cracks in your driveway. You can mitigate this damage somewhat by applying calcium chloride (rather than rock salt, or sodium chloride) to your driveway.
  • Sharp tools: Items such as snow shovels or winter tires with studs can remove material from an asphalt driveway, or cause cracks or chips. This damage can be reduced by paying careful attention when metal items are used on the driveway, and by using a plastic shovel.
  • Work that was performed incorrectly: A contractor who is working quickly to complete your driveway may not secure the stone base foundation as carefully as is necessary. Some companies may try to use dirt or sand as foundations, which can become damaged quite easily by extreme temperatures, resulting in cracking.

If cracks and holes continue to go unaddressed, your driveway will be more susceptible to additional damage. In observing cracks, the deeper or longer a crack is, the more damaged your driveway has become. Once your driveway starts experiencing significant damage, or it is approaching 15 or 20 years since you’ve had your driveway replaced, a full replacement is likely in order.

Is it time to schedule asphalt paving in Saratoga Springs, NY? Maybe it’s not quite time yet to have this service performed, but you don’t want making an appointment for professional service to fall off your radar.

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