Sealcoating Services in Saratoga Springs, NY

Sealcoating in Saratoga Springs, NY is an ideal way to protect your asphalt from the damages of weathering and age. From parking lots to municipal roads and beyond, Asphalt Industries has experience in sealcoating asphalt projects of all sizes, and we specialize in large-scope sealcoating to provide you with maximum benefit on your investment in concrete.

Why sealcoat?

When left unsealed, asphalt can fall victim to a wide range of problems. UV rays can dry out the asphalt and weaken its bonds, causing it to crumble and crack prematurely. Moisture can infiltrate microscopic gaps in the surface, causing breakdowns and deformation. Heavy wear and tear can cause cracking and compression over time. All of these things are unavoidable if you’re not taking steps to protect your concrete.

Sealcoating provides a simple, lasting solution to asphalt protection. Sealcoating will reinforce the bonds of asphalt to prevent UV rays, moisture and more from disrupting it. It greatly extends the overall lifespan of your asphalt and keeps it looking better for longer.

Common applications

The ideal asphalt applications benefitting from sealcoating include those subject to heavy exposure and use. This generally means commercial asphalt surfaces, and customers frequently come to us for parking lot, road and commercial driveway sealcoating in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Our sealcoating abilities span the gamut of applications and we’re ready to consult with you about how to best protect your asphalt from the rigors of the elements. We can even offer you asphalt repairs before sealcoating, to extend the major benefits of this preservative treatment.

For more information about our capabilities when it comes to sealcoating asphalt, please contact one of our knowledgeable professionals today by calling 518-584-4340. We’ll gladly consult with you about your needs and can make recommendations about how to best protect and preserve your asphalt.