Asphalt Milling & Asphalt Reclaiming in Saratoga Springs, NY

Every road, driveway and parking lot needs to be repaved at some point. And whether you’re running a business like a shopping mall or grocery store or you’re a city employee tasked with drawing up a proposal for resurfacing a neighborhood’s roads, you might be wondering if there’s a way you can save money when the time comes to resurface or repair your roads, parking lots, or driveways. Asphalt milling and full-depth asphalt reclaiming are two methods that are good for your wallet and the environment because they reuse and/or recycle old asphalt.

Here at Asphalt Industries, LLC, we provide both asphalt milling and asphalt reclaiming services through Saratoga, NY and the surrounding areas. We have both the equipment and the experience for even the largest scale asphalt milling and reclaiming jobs. Our dedication to service also means we care about every paving job we do.

asphault milling and reclaiming

Asphalt Milling Services in Saratoga, NY

Asphalt milling is a process that involves removing all or part of the existing paving surface of a parking lot, road, driveway or another surface. Usually, only the top part of the paved surface is removed or all of a damaged area so your road, lot or another paved surface can be repaired. There are many benefits and uses in asphalt milling services from Asphalt Industries, LLC including:

  • You save money by milling and then smoothing or resurfacing your existing paved surfaces as long as they aren’t extensively damaged.
  • Asphalt milling is environmentally friendly. We recycle the asphalt we mill during your project and use it to make new asphalt.
  • Milling is much faster than complete asphalt resurfacing.

Asphalt Reclaiming Services in Saratoga, NY

Asphalt reclaiming, also sometimes referred to as asphalt pulverizing is the most environmentally and cost-effective ways to repave a road, driveway, parking lot, playground, sports court or another surface. Your existing asphalt is first completely pulverized, including the sub-base until it’s dust. Your old asphalt is then graded and compacted and becomes your new sub-base. After that new or recycled asphalt is installed on top. Just like asphalt milling, there are many benefits to asphalt reclaiming:

  • Your newly repaved and resurfaced area is incredibly strong and will last a long time before needing repairs or resurfacing.
  • You save time and money by choosing asphalt reclaiming over completely new materials and it uses less labor as well.
  • Just like asphalt milling, asphalt reclaiming is great for our environment.

Is Asphalt Milling or Asphalt Paving Right for My Project?

Depending on the purpose and scope of your paving project, one or both options might be right for you. Our staff can answer any questions you have about both processes if you aren’t sure as well as go over all the costs involved. Contact Asphalt Industries, LLC today to set up your free consultation.