Asphalt Driveway Sealing Benefits

Much like every other part of your home, asphalt driveways are an expensive investment worth protecting. Thankfully, asphalt driveway sealing is cheap, easy and provides many benefits that are guaranteed to extend the pavement’s lifespan. Take a look at why homeowners all across Saratoga Springs, NY are hiring professionals to sealcoat their driveways.

Cost efficient

Asphalt is expensive enough to install. You don’t want to pay for repairs in the future because that involves workers hauling more asphalt to your driveway. A sealcoat is the only way to prevent weather-related damage and extend the asphalt’s lifespan. It’s also much cheaper than replacing entire sections of a damaged driveway. A little bit of regular maintenance will likely save you thousands in the long run.


Asphalt driveway sealing greatly improves the pavement’s durability. The sealcoat is made with a black material that absorbs the sun’s rays and becomes hot. This heating process activates the sealcoat’s flexible properties and makes the asphalt much less likely to crack underneath the full weight of a vehicle. Without a malleable sealcoat, asphalt driveways would be too stiff and more susceptible to damage.


Many homeowners in Saratoga Springs, NY upgrade to asphalt driveways because they prefer the look over that of a gravel surface. However, asphalt without its sealcoat is very similar in color to gravel, not to mention it looks rough and unfinished. Sealcoating serves as a protective barrier but also give your driveway a sleek, polished appearance. It’s a quick, cheap project that instantly boosts your home’s curb appeal. Truly, no asphalt driveway is complete without a sealcoat.


Water poses the greatest threat to your asphalt driveway. It seeps into cracks and breaks down the underlying base, resulting in potholes and costly repairs. The winters of Saratoga Springs, NY bring with them frigid temperatures that melt and refreeze snow in the cracked asphalt. Water expands in its solid state, forcing the aggregate to break apart. Homeowners should get their driveways professionally sealed before they’re slammed with rain and snow.

UV ray resistant

Winter isn’t the only time of year that wreaks havoc on asphalt driveways. The blistering heat of summer harms the surface in a different way, but causes just as much damage. UV rays bear down on asphalt day after day, slowly drying up the surface. Sunlight oxidizes the substance that binds asphalt together and causes it to crumble. Asphalt driveway sealing protects the pavement from sun damage by blocking out harmful UV rays. If some people get sunburned after just an hour in the sun, imagine how brittle your driveway will become after years of constant exposure!

Remember that sealcoating isn’t a one-time investment. Just like asphalt, it won’t last forever and requires consistent maintenance. If your surface in Saratoga Springs, NY is due for a reseal, schedule an appointment with the professionals at Asphalt Industries, LLC. Our team has all the knowledge and tools necessary to apply sealcoating so you don’t have to attempt this project yourself. Contact us to learn more.

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